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This site was created by Dmitri Ponomarenko in March 2004 for the course "Evolutionary Palaeoecology", which was taught by Dr. T. Patterson.

This site couldn't have been possible without the help of Tim Patterson and his lab, who have allowed me to use the lab facilities and have been helpful in every way. I am indebted to Ross Damiani, Mike Everhart, Gideon Groenewald, Dan Hembree, James MacEachern, Martin Sander, Roger Smith, and Craig Sundell who have been forthcoming in providing permission to reproduce their illustrations and offering their help for this exhibit. The site in its present form is just the first version, and I hope that it will evolve through everybody's comments.

Because of limited time and space -- approximately thirty pages, I have tried to organize the site around the methods used to study fossil burrows, and the types of behaviour that can be recognized in the fossil record using these methods.

I have initially hoped to bring together all published records of vertebrate burrows, to which attests the large bibliography. The number of these records is still sufficiently small that they can be all listed in a site. However, I believe that such systematic enumeration should be done separately. I hope that in the future I will be able to expand the site in that direction.


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