Nodosaurids in Detail

The skull of a nodosaurid is typically longer than wide.  It somewhat resembles a pear shape.  The nodosaurids have the antorbital fenestrae, supratemporal fenestrae, but not the temporal fenestrae fussed shut. The nodosaurids were browsers cropping selective vegetation and plant parts.  The narrower skull suggests this.  Between the nostril openings there is a single scale impression (ornamentation).  As with the ankylosaurids the nodosaurids have ornamentation over the skull surface.  The nodosaurids were primitive compared to the ankylosaurids.  Specially placed shoulder muscles on the nodosaurid allowed for the animal to pull in its front legs and lie close to the ground as defense against a predator.  Very much like what a modern tortoise would do today if alarmed.

This is the skull of Edmontonia, the right is a view of the top of the skull.  Note how narrow the skull is.

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